Our Mission

Our Vision at the Canadian Earth Institute is “Creating our future now” for the benefit of our earth. To achieve this Vision, we adopted the Mission of motivating individuals to examine and transform personal values and habits; to accept responsibility for the earth; and, to act on that commitment.


We take a fun, personally meaningful and inclusive approach to environmental awareness and protection. Why wait until tomorrow when we can create the world we want today? We generate positive environmental change through a complimentary set of discussion courses and community outreach activities. Our work is based on personal transformation, cooperation and working with community for the benefit of our world.


The Canadian Earth Institute (CEI)  has been privileged to sponsor this magical journey of social and environmental justice through this innovative learning community experimental journey.  AWAKENing the Dragon…is part of the 20 year Vision originally crafted by OUR ECOVILLAGE which is the land location that CEI is stewarding throughout this project.  These times are a wake up call….for us to each change our relationships and rise from a place of presence, of conscious  and deep connection. We validate  our meaningful relationships with each other and with creation, becoming increasingly  aware of each interaction, and in this way move from human beings to ‘inter-beings’.

Contact Details

The office is located at #4 – 920 Johnson Street, Victoria, BC, V8V 3N5